How Can We Service You?

Jemark Imports understands that your business is not just made up of buying or chasing stock for your store. We now offer you many different ways of reviewing and buying our products. Mix and match the approach that best works for you.

There is a team of people happy to visit you in your store to best match our products to your needs. They can take your order on the spot using their interactive electronic catalogue.


ontheweb.jpgWith secure, direct access to our fully integrated wholesale system you can review your previous orders or invoices, check stock availability or create a new order. Click here to request a new login.


Our team can give you the very best experience allowing you to try before you buy. Touch and feel the item - see how good it can look in store.


Our roadshows take place all over Australia providing you with your own special "showroom on wheels". Watch the news section on our home page to see where we will be visiting next. Click here to request an invitation to our next roadshow in your area.


 Download our current Application for Credit, Terms of Trade, Guarantee and Privacy Consent document here.


"Mix and Match
the approach
that best works
for you"