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About Us

Jemark Imports is a family business that began over 40 years ago as a partnership between Abi & Sol Montag. Abi with his shorts has been sighted around the world as the kid from The Beach Boys famous hit song Surf City. Sol has been spied around the trendy nightclubs of Asia as Mr. Cool but is now seen taking his gorgeous grandsons for Capuccinos in Chapel Street, Melbourne.

As the saying goes "We had a dream". We both left our chosen professions and began a partnership in a small gift shop called Gift Palace 37+ years ago. We spent the next 15 years building our small empire of retail outlets until the call of overseas markets lured us. With the opening of China we made a momentous decision to become Import Wholesalers. - scouring the hinterlands of China, India, Vietnam and Thailand for great products.

Since those heady days we have transformed our operation from the back of Abi's garage into a vast warehouse distribution centre based in Moorabbin. 

However we remain committed to bringing you
great products at great prices.

Our father always sealed a deal with a hand shake and a promise that every deal had to be good for both buyer and seller. These principles may seem a little old fashioned in today's fast paced world but we believe your word and integrity count for everything and define you and your business principles.

Going forward our team will remain committed to bringing you the best customer experience possible.